The Milan Academy in Chennai is developing the extra-curricular activities for children’s who are interested in courses like artistic courses and Brain Booster Courses. Artistic Courses which includes craft, drawing, instrumental music, handwriting and many more. Brain Booster Courses which includes abacus, chess, vedic maths and many more

Artistic Courses


Paper crafts for preschoolers. Paper ideas for kids. Paper DIYs for Grown Ups. Paper crafts for young and old!!! We love paper.


A means to show freedom of expression and creativity, way of displaying emotions which in turn develops hand and eye co-ordination.

carnatic vocal

Carnatic Music is one of world’s oldest and richest musical traditions. It primarily comprises a monophonic song based on improvised variations.

Instrumental Music

Is directly related to intellectual, emotional and social evolution of the soul. Brings in patience and team work.


More than a “beautiful handwriting”, is an art of producing decorative handwriting or lettering with a pen or brush.

Hand Writing

A well-crafted text, easily and quickly written and accurately read, has a positive impact on grandes.

Brain Booster Courses


Stimulates right brain and thereby enhances creative intelligence, logical reasoning, problem solving ability, sharpens memory and increases ability to perform mental arithmetic providing a better academic performance.


Much More than a game, improves concentration, problem, solving ability, decision making skills, creativity, visualizing skills and memory.

Vedic Maths

Helps thoughout the life by providing shortcut techniques / sutras to solve mathematical problem 10 to 15 times faster than usual methods. Improves confidence and memory power.


Systematic method for reading and writing of the English language, the right way.

mid brain activation

Provides mental fitness to a person, enabling the brain to work smartly and quickly. Improves memory, intelligence, confidence and emotional stability.

yoga & meditation

Gives an awareness of baby and mind. Develops physical flexibility, strength, concentration, memory and boosts self-esteem and confidence.