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Milan Academy

Milan Academy in Chennai caters after school activities to the children. Milan Academy has a carefully designed curriculum that allows children to participate and learn progressively, introducing them to a wide range of courses including courses on different art forms and courses for brain development. The Program sets creative challenges and encourages children to think ‘out-of-the-box’.

In an increasingly competitive world, strong creative ability is what will differentiate the winners in all walks of life. Our emphasis on unique creations by every child helps build and develop strong creative thinking skills, which will help them succeed in their future. This will also bring a considerable improvement in their academic performance. Milan Academy offers professional coaching on Abacus, Chess, Music (Vocal, Keyboard, Piano, Guitar), Drawing, Phonetics, Calligraphy, etc.,

About Us

We are a team of Young & Experienced professionals, who have come together to live a quality life, by doing all our best in shaping the tomorrow’s world. Our interest in Education & Training, along with the boom of Abacus interests in Chennai, sowed the seeds of Milan Academy.

At present, we deal with Artistic courses which include craft, handwriting, drawing etc… And Brain Booster Courses which includes chess, Abacus, Phonics and many more which has been benefiting for students.

There is a personal touch, in every relationship that we have within our organization. Even using the word “organization” sounds little different to us. The more appropriate term would be “Big Family”.

Milan Academy

NO. 5, Raja Nagar, Lakshmipuram

Main Road, Poonamallee,

Chennai-600056 (Near Silambam Class)


+91 98841 93553 / +91 88383 82308